Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking
(Pure & Simple)

Need Adivce


Your management team will be equipped with the know-how to
formulate a winning strategy that

  • Is clear, concise, and powerful.
  • Is owned and committed to by all team members.
  • Is a useful guide for management team in decision making and resource allocation.
  • Is able to grow your organization and minimize competition.
  • Helps develop a management team that can think and act strategically.


Formulating Game-Changing Strategies

To become a leader in your industry and achieve sustained strategic supremacy, the top management team must have the ability to formulate winning strategies and execute them well.
DPI’s Strategic Thinking methodologies and processes are unique and proven “How To” approaches that allow senior executives to effectively develop new perspectives on how to formulate game-changing strategies

The Need for Strategic Thinking

A clear, well-articulated strategy defines the corporate mission for those charged with carrying it out.

Unfortunately, in most companies the strategy resides solely in the head of the CEO or in a leather- bound report that sits on the shelf collecting dust. As management attempts to implement the strategy, the organization zigzags from event to event, lacking clear direction. The company loses momentum. Resources are wasted

Program Content

  • Strategic Thinking versus Strategic Planning.
  • DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process and its conceptual underpinnings.
  • A comprehensive process to identify current strategic profile and current industry model.
  • Tools to help you identify new and emerging trends and their implications.
  • Analyzes your organization’s strategic variables that should be leveraged or addressed going forward.
  • Understanding your company’s Driving Force and strategic options.
  • Formulating a future strategic profile.
  • Identifying critical issues.
  • Establishing strategic objectives and action plans.

Who Should Attend?

Top and senior management personnel who are either formulators and/or key implementers of their organization’s direction and strategy.

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